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Surviving the Deep End, Getting into Gear and Racing to Triathlon Success. Laura was a self-certified couch potato. Until six years ago she couldn’t run for more than a few minutes at a time. Since then she has completed eight marathons and is now a committed triathlete.

Swim Bike Run
8.99 GBP

This is the story of how two skinny lads from west Yorkshire became the best triathletes in the world. It's both a riveting story of the races, the success and the brotherly rivalry, as well as a guide to triathlon and packed with advice on nutrition, injury, and mental approach.

Can't Swim Can't Ride Can't Run
8.99 GBP

A 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride and a 26.2-mile run make up the Ironman triathlon. It's not for the faint-hearted. What possesses an overweight, thirty-something librarian who can't swim, doesn't own a bike and has two dodgy knees to take on the hardest one-day endurance race in the world?

Triathlon Swim Bike Run
14.99 GBP

THE TRIATHLON: A TRUE TEST OF ENDURANCE AND FITNESS Capturing the discipline, the anguish, the fortitude and the joy that are all key elements of training for and competing in a triathlon, these stunning photographs showcase one of the world’s fastest growing sports.

Hollie's Road to Kona
12.99 GBP

Despite being a bit-part fitness fanatic, Hollie set herself what she thought was the almost impossible goal of getting off the sofa and completing an ironman. Hollie's Road to Kona begins as a story of one young triathlete's ambition to conquer one of the hardest sporting endurance tests out there.

DK The Triathlon Training Book
12.99 GBP

Released 1st Feb 2016. Raise your game and swim faster, run faster and cycle faster with The Triathlon Book, the one-stop reference for every triathlete. Find all the essentials you need to improve your performance: clear, customisable training plans for all triathlon distances.

Run Ride Sink or Swim
8.99 GBP

At the age of thirty-one, Lucy Fry was pretty certain she knew her limits: triathlon was not for her. But as increasing numbers of her female friends signed up to tri, Lucy couldn't help wondering: what was it about this sport that women found so transformative?

A life without limits
8.99 GBP

Chrissie Wellington

The Triathlete's Training Bible
17.99 GBP

Coach Joe Friel has equipped thousands of triathletes for success in the sport. This new edition of his best-selling book includes all of the latest advances in training and technology. "The Triathlete's Training Bible" is the most comprehensive reference available to triathletes.

Triathlon For Beginners
17.99 GBP

Are you thinking about getting into triathlon or doing your first race? Have you finished a couple of races and are keen to improve your time? Do you find the whole sport daunting and confusing? Are you a little intimidated by everybody else who looks like they know what they are doing?

Triathlon for Women
12.99 GBP

Triathlon for women is dedicated to all women who are either thinking of getting into triathlons or have done a number of races and want to improve. Written by a female athlete who has been a triathlon champion this comprehensive book covers all you need to know from start to finish.

Accidental Ironman
8.99 GBP

The time has come for one of Britain's least successful athletes to reveal all about how he got involved in all this nonsense in the first place. Hear how he overcame a crippling lack of talent and complete indifference from his family to complete 10 Ironmans, all outside the top 500 finishers.



4.99 GBP

How to get started

Advanced Running
4.99 GBP

Elizabeth Hufton

Two Hours
8.99 GBP

Quest for the impossible Marathon

Running Like A Girl
8.99 GBP


The Joy of Running
9.99 GBP

This pocket-sized miscellany, packed with fascinating facts, handy hints and captivatingstories and quotes from the world of running, is perfect for anyone who knows theincomparable joy and freedom of lacing up your trainers and hitting the road.

Inspiration and Motivation for Runners
6.99 GBP

This colourful little book of uplifting quotes and tailored tips delivers motivational sparks and hearty encouragement for runners. Read it, run with it, use it as a training weight – whatever you do it, the aim is simple: to get you running!

Running Free
8.99 GBP

Part diary of a year running through the Northamptonshire countryside, part exploration of why we love to run without limits, Running Free is an eloquent and inspiring account of running in a forgotten, rural way, observing wildlife and celebrating the joys of nature.

Run Yourself Fit
6.99 GBP

With tips and tricks, training plans, dietary advice and inspirational case studies, Run Yourself Fit will help you break down those mental barriers, build your confi dence and reap the benefits of a healthier, happier and longer life.

The Reason I Run
8.99 GBP

The Reason I Run is an astonishing story that will make you laugh, weep and wonder. Rich with insights and inspiration, personal discoveries and unforgettable encounters, Chris takes you on a journey that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Keep on Running
8.99 GBP

Marathons make you miserable, but they also give you the most unlikely and the most indescribable pleasures. It’s a world that I love – a world unlocked when you dress up in lycra, put plasters on your nipples and run 26.2 miles in the company of upwards of 30,000 complete strangers.



Fitness Training
4.99 GBP

Practical Encyclopedia

Triathlon Anatomy
16.99 GBP

Discover what it takes to maximize multisport strength, power, speed and endurance. This book shows how to improve performance by increasing muscular strength and optimizing the efficiency of every movement. "Triathlon Anatomy" features 82 of the most effective multisport exercises.

Strength & Conditioning for Triathlon
20.00 GBP

S&C for Triathlon is an accessible, practical intro to strength & conditioning for endurance sports, dispelling many of the myths which have led to misunderstanding & misuse of the techniques in the past. With specific chapters on injury prevention, the swim, the cycle & the run.



Hell and High Water
10.99 GBP

Sean Conway

Swim Smooth
17.99 GBP

Transform your technique and become a better swimmer with this remarkable new approach to freestyle swimming. Aimed at both fitness and competitive swimmers, it explains what makes a successful stroke and how to develop your own swimming style.

France En Velo
16.99 GBP

St Malo to the Nice

Are You Tough Enough
9.99 GBP

Each year, thousands pit themselves against the elements, extremes of geography & their own psyches to take part in the world's hardest physical challenges. From the cold of the highest peaks to unforgiving desert heat, seemingly ordinary people are undertaking extraordinary feats.

The WorldsToughest Races
8.99 GBP

What do fierljeppen, running 156 miles in the Sahara desert and coal-carrying all have in common? They’re just some of the wackiest, toughest and most extreme manpower races and challenges dreamt up by the human race.


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